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Sunday, February 07, 2010
  Slightly Odd Post Election Development
There was a rumor kicking around the Topix threads that former mayor, John Barrett III, is being hired by the North Adams Public Schools. This morning I confirmed with a source high up in the schools that some sort of hire is currently under legal review.

What is not clear is if this is John Barrett's attempt to return from a 26 year leave of absence that he took when he first won the mayor's office in 1983, or if this is something new - either consulting (not a bad idea with the expansion of the two elementary schools), or a new administrative position.

It must be noted that the current Superintendent, Jim Montepare, was hired by Barrett over the objections of some in the community who took issue with Montepare's DUI arrests.

At the very least, I would hope that Dr. Montepare is very careful how this whole thing proceeds, or he is going to open a huge can of worms.

UPDATE: It seems that simply an inquiry was made regarding a return from a leave, but nothing came of it. As with most things, there is far more to this story than is evident. The question is - what will become public and what deserves to stay private?
Also curious, to me at least is, that by all accounts, JB was not a very good teacher. I never had him so I have no proof, but if this is correct, why would the school system hire someone who has been out of education for 26 years and (again according to what I've read) was mediocre at best?

With all the young, eager to get a foot hold, teachers (with up-to-date) educational training (and willing to start for a lot less money) I would think JB would be way down the resume review list.
I do not know if John is pursuing a teaching job, or something else. I don't know how far the process has gone or who initiated it.

I just know that somebody initiated "something."

It could mean that John simply submitted an application which means the district has certain legal processes to follow. It might mean that there is a project that he could head-up and Montepare is asking for consulting.

No one is saying much.

I would be very surprised if Barrett ended up back in an Elementary School classroom. Maybe he could teach High School level civics or social studies. That would make more sense.
this is bad for our city. he hasn't been a teacher for 26 years. most teachers retire after 26 years. under the guidance of jb3 our schools were put on a state watch list of underperforming schools. where are all of the high paying job offers from boston and beyond?

this is not a good thing in any way. he needs to go away and lets begin the process of moving our city forward.

From what I have just learned, it appears that whatever might happen is NOT happening. This came from someone who knows enough to speak credibly.

It sounds like John made a simple inquiry that sent everyone, myself included, into a tizzy.
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