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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
  The Neutering of Scott Brown
It seems that Senator Brown's supposed independence has evaporated already. He voted party line to continue the filibuster of a rather non-controversial nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (The guy was once counsel to the AFL-CIO. God forbid that organized labor have a seat at the table of the NLRB) .... just because that's what Republicans do in 2010. (And since when does a 52-33 vote in favor of the nominee continue the filibuster? Why is the onus on the 60 votes needed versus the 40 votes to oppose?)

Obviously Brown checked his testicles at Mitch McConnell's door.

Congrats Massachusetts. I hope you are happy with your "message."
It sucks, but the onus is on the 60 because they need 60 votes to end debate. Debate keeps going on (the filibuster) until 60 votes stop it.
Not just Massachusetts voters, but those that call themselves Republican in general - how can they feel that this new party of NO is what they want to represent them?

I can't help but believe this insanity will split the party's vote getting at the next major election.
so if he voted to appoint someone with an agenda to hurt american business in a time when we should be helping american business it would be ok? give me a break....all of your holy democrats vote along party lines.

Chris - You and I will disagree over Unions. Becker is not some kind of radical. He would not have "hurt" American business. The GOP cited the fact that he supports card check, yet the NLRB doesn't set labor law, congress does. So what's their worry? There are 3 vacancies on a board of 5 people and the GOP is determined to keep it that way.

With Brown joining the "oppose everything" crowd, even though he openly said he would not, my suspicions about his independence continue to be confirmed.

Here is Brown's campaign rhetoric about Presidential appointees. It doesn't jive with his actions:
Brown is a member of the Republican Party......he's not an independent....the independent voters put him in office because he offers a better future than the a Democrat.....the NLRB does not "set" policy but they do and will, hear cases by employees against this global economy we don't need another piece of legislation that will put America at a disadvantage to compete

Chris - My point is that Brown, during the campaign and immediately after, was saying that he was NOT a lock step Republican. He went so far as to claim that he told Mitch McConnell that he could not count on him for party line votes, even though Brown voted party-line 96% on Beacon Hill.

All I can say is that his independent streak was short lived. The GOP is obstructing EVERYTHING for political, rather than policy, reason. Too bad.

And, yes, I disagree with your interpretation of how Becker would have affected the cost of doing business.
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