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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
  Back Just in Time for the Major Slush Event
After a week on the Gulf Coast and little time in New Orleans it's good to be back. But did the Weather Gods have to make our return quite so messy?

It seems there was a lot of news while I was gone -

Scott Brown is not totally neutered (credit when credit is due) but he sure is back-peddling fast to try and keep the Tea Party crowd from going apoplectic.

We are getting a new restaurant on Main St. This should be interesting. Petrino did a nice job while he was at Williams. That said, College Foodservice is not the same thing as the restaurant biz, but I am sure he knows that. (At least I hope he does.)

Williamstown is getting a couple of new joints as well. Mark Paresky has found a couple of people who are willing to risk their necks in his high rent district. One of the places will be owned by Jason Boucher who had a spectacular rise and fall with Lakeside Restaurant and his other ventures. Hopefully he learned a few things from that experience. You gotta' give someone props who gets ups, dusts himself off and tries again.

As for the rebirth of the Purple Pub, the rent is supposedly insanely sky high in the new place. With the advent of strictly enforced drinking age laws, it is not clear to me that the 500, or so, college students who are 21+ in Williamstown will be able to support the larger place using the old Pub's business model. Call me skeptical. Hopefully the place caters more to the Pizza side of things financially.

Mayor Alcombright continues to impress me with his outreach to surrounding community leaders. "No city is an island unto itself."

Our City's teen curfew has been ruled illegal and tossed by the courts because it is deemed a criminal violation rather than a civil infraction.

Let's see...

I also will have some things to say about my trip when I get a few moments. The deep South's politics and poverty made quite an impression.
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