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Thursday, January 21, 2010
  The United Corporations of America
Well, at least the right wing dolts on the Supreme Court acknowledge that we are only servants to those who can buy us. The logic suggests that there should be no limits on contributions because the government has no business limiting political speech.

We are so screwed. "We the people" should read, "We the shareholders."

Congrats! You got what you paid for!
If I ever build my time machine (shut up! All I need is a DeLorean and a flux capacitator), I'm not going back to stop Oswald or Booth or anything like that.

I'm going back to try to change the outcome of the Santa Clara cases and rid our body politic of the cancer of "Corporate Personhood."

I don't know if this will mean more money going into the pockets of politicians or if only those that buy the politicians won't have to hide it anymore.

I think for anyone to believe that our government hasn't been for sale until this decision, is extremely naive.

Will we be adding the job title of Lobbyist to the growing list of positions that no longer exist in the US workforce? Were the lobbyists were just down-sized by the Supreme Court?
Yes, it's outrageous that corporations (such as the New York Times, the AFL-CIO, the ACLU, and Fox News) have first amendment rights. Only the people have rights!
Don't mix up "the press" with corporations. As you know, the press was singled out by the framers in the first amendment.

As for corporations, they engage, by definition, in commercial speech. Yet the Roberts Court held for the first time that commercial speech is the same as political speech.

That is very disturbing.

I cannot wait for the 2nd Amendment to be applied to WalMart. The WalMart Militia!
And don't forget that our institutions of the press are themselves corporations, and that the 1st Amendment does not address whether they printing press is owned by an individual or by a grouping of individuals. Further, that industrial corporations such as GE can and do buy media corporations such as NBC, and that they can use such media corporations to favor political candidates, even under your preferred, recently overthrown, legal regime, which purported to make corporations second-class citizens but with exceptions for media corporations. Which system also gave the federal government the disturbing power to decide which were real media corporations and which were fake.
You are stretching.
Well now I'm convinced. Too bad you weren't arguing before the Court.
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