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Sunday, January 17, 2010
  Predictions based on nothing more than hunch
Then again, I've been waaay off before. My gut feeling is that there has been way too much loosey goosey polling for me to believe that Brown's surge is deep enough to carry him past 45%. Also, Brown's surge has mobilized the get-out-the-vote for Coakley in a way that Coakley never could have by herself. The turnout will decide this race.

You folks know my preferences, but much more importantly, I urge you to vote on Tuesday regardless of your political persuasion.

As always, the process is ultimately more important than the outcome. It is what defines us as the world's oldest democracy.

Coakley 53%. Brown 45%. Kennedy 2%.
I think the outcome will be based on how many people feel like their vote meant nothing at the last election and feel electing Brown is the only way to send this message. Dems better wake up before 2010.

Coakley's only support will be those that believe Mass is a democratic state and should stay that way.

I'm not a Brown supporter but I see Brown 49% Coakley 48%, my dog at 2% and Kennedy 1%.
My mother had an astute comment this morning: "Pres. Obama hasn't been to Haiti, but he's in Massachusetts campaigning for Coakley?"

It's all in your priorities I guess. There is plenty of time to get to Haiti, but THE election is TOMORROW.
Odd you should mention Haiti since the current Tea Party criticism is that Obama went on TV within 24 hours about the relief effort but waited three days to talk about the crotch bomber.

Personally, I think sending in the 82nd Airborne to a foreign country but keeping his own butt in DC is the right move.
I guess that still comes down to priorities. The TBer's would rather go out and attack every country that speak Arabic than put the money into our own borders.

Again, I'm not a Brown supporter but I believe losing the filabuster proof congress will be a good thing for the dems in the long run.

First and foremost it takes away an power Lieberman feels he deserves, it should force a little bi-partisanship, and failing that will make the GOP the undeniable party of NO.
Priorities, huh. You like irony? I'm hearing from a couple rightie friends of mine that the "billions" of dollars pouring into Haiti are better spent "taking care of our own". Can you believe it?

No matter what, this election has both revealed and reinforced the fact that the system is almost so corroded and corrupted by partisanship as to be unworkable. And there's nothing we can do about it but say it's not pretty watching the sausage being made.
Ross, I couldn't agree with you more.

And is someone voting just because their mother told them to, a good reason to vote?
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