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Friday, September 25, 2009
This bothers me a lot:
My views on this city government began to change when I was appointed to the North Adams Airport Commission. It was here, as well as the many years that I served as the airport’s assistant manager, followed by the manager, that I learned the inner workings of our local government. It was here, that I was able to make an educated judgment of the job that was begin done by the mayor of North Adams.

I witnessed many wrong governing tactics during that time. I’m also one of the few people who can talk about them because I have been removed from the airport manager’s position for publicly supporting Dick Alcombright.
Damning, if true.
This news, if true, shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. What I'm curious about is the legal ramifications of this statement.

The author of this letter has publicly accused the Mayor of committing a crime (or at the very least a union violation), should not this charge be looked into by someone? City Council? Union? Should it not automatically trigger some investigative body to spring into action - regardless of whether its an election year or not?
CJ, not sure how you get the union connection here. And ... the statement was "wrong governmental tactics", which isn't "necessarily" a crime.

I'll tell you one thing. The Airport Commission is an excellent place to see some things in action, going back about a decade. Their doings have historically been a perfect example of what's wrong in North Adams.

Trevor Gilman is a perfect example of what is brave and good and in North Adams.

A courageous stand.
If Mr. Gilman can demonstrate that he was punished professionally for supporting Alcombright, it is a violation of Massachusetts law. That is a big no-no.
But... It's basically impossible to prove that. For the most part the Mayor can hire and fire at will, (union's notwithstanding) especially contract positions.

I don't think the Mayor broke the law in what he did... but it still shouldn't have been done.

And the city still owes Trevor a bunch of money that they refuse to pay.
All in due time.
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