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Monday, July 13, 2009
With the mini-scandal of the city's underpayment of it's contracted share of employee health insurance premiums brewing, I can't decide whether it would be more interesting to be in council chambers or to watch the meeting on TV. If I go to the meeting I would have to put on a clean shirt after work. If I stay at home, I can enjoy a beer with the entertainment.

Sam Adams versus Mayor Barrett. It's a classic match up.
I always prefer watching the game at home vs going to it. You don't have the drunks spilling bear all over you or all the cussing drowning out what your trying to hear. But I guess is sit far enough away from JB*, you won't have these problems.

Of course with TiVo, you can do your own instant replays.

*For entertainment purposes only, I make no attempt to label JB as having an alcohol problem.
Since Mr. Billings has moved to Rhode Island, I suspect that there will little beer (or vodka) spillage.

If I stay home, there is certainly the risk of the dog knock over my beer.
I dunno guys... I gotta go to this one. Looks like fun.

I'm just really wondering what is going to go down. Will the mayor and 4 city councilors really try and not even look into this? That seems wacky.

But hey that's just me.

And for you Greg, good fodder for any councilor that doesn't even want to LOOK INTO the potential bilking of hundreds of thousands of dollars from current and retired city workers.
Greg- you are so wrong--no vodka spillage (or beer spillage) from me--- bladder spillage is another thing- I don't want you to get pissed on or pissed off------but I can tell that you are one of the artsy crowd---All Star game anyone---if you have split screen capabilites- stay at home-- watch both and enjoy the Sammy---however --attendance at the meeting might give you the opportunity to hob nob with your anti-Barrett colleagues after the meeting----you could even say a few words on behalf of Alcombright-- and trash the Mayor---your pick-- chbpod
I played baseball for 9 years. I'd rather watch the Steeplecats than a bunch of over paid dilettantes who won a popularity contest. (I am referring to the All Star Game, of course.)
Can't say that I blame you---thought of you this afternoon=== after taking my wife for a DR's appoinment we went down to the the marina for lunch-- and all the unbrellas- were Sam Adams--made me feel a warm and toasty---chbpod
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