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Thursday, June 11, 2009
  Push Polling
Our household received one of the recent "Polling calls" from John Barrett's campaign, or a group that has an interest in seeing him re-elected. While not your typical, over the top push poll, the questions about "financial leadership" versus "change" were most definitely designed to evoke a certain answer.

More importantly, these polls were not confidential. They are designed to tell whoever is paying for them exactly who is voting for whom for mayor...

And THAT is very bothersome.

Unlike scientific polls, where names of voters are separated from the calling list, the pollster knew exactly who she was talking to. The caller asked for the voter by name.

Depending on your point of view, in a city this small, disguising a campaign call as a poll could even be interpreted as intimidation.

What you will likely see come out of this is a campaign ad, run by the Mayor's committee (or some group closely connected), that claims that a majority of North Adams' voters want strong financial leadership during the current crisis, inferring that John Barrett is the person that those polled are going to vote for. And, of course, that is not what the questions asked.

It bothers me that somebody thinks that North Adams voters are this naive.

UPDATE: Jen Huberdeau writes a solidly straightforward piece that fills in a few of the gaps. "No comment" indeed.
unrelated to the post. I'm wondering if you can help me out here. my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my favorites, one of the best was a blog by somebody up around North Adams and he would put up photos of the area from Hadley to Brattleboro. I have tried for days to search for it with no luck finding it. Are you aware of anyone who might fit this description. Also puts up what he has for dinner sometimes and looks to be very vegetarian. Any help would be appreciated. Russ
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