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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
  Quote of the Day
"... going to the barricades because of taxation with representation."
The notion that somehow these well promoted rallies are the ebb of a huge tide of a supposedly conservative resurgence is... well.... to use an appropriate metaphor - "nuts."

UPDATE: Don't tell Fox's Roger Ailes, but his newest rising star just called for third party which will invariably cripple the GOP that Ailes was hired to promote (not that I mind, but...)

UPDATE 2: The Governor of Texas is rattling the secession sabre. I say go for it. It worked out really well the last time.
Have I told you theory of Texan Secession? It goes like this:
A. Let them do it
B. We invade
C. We no longer have to treat Texans like Americans, since they don't really want that anyway, we can treat them like an occupied country.
D. We get to take all of their useful stuff for free.

I see it as a win-win.
The GOP will never let a little thing like historical facts get in the way of a good sound bite (or cry for that matter).
What happened to the days when you could crack a smartass comment without having everyone take you seriously?
1) The Texas Governor is an idiot and, now at least, an embarrassment to any thinking person in the Texas Republican party.

2) Greg would be indignant if a prominent right-winger or journalist used a crude homophobic sexual term like teabagger (or scrotum-sucker, which means the same thing, or the more familiar cocksucker) to describe people protesting against, say George Bush.

3) Greg thinks there is something about conservative rallies that is illegitimate (or "astroturf") if they are well-promoted, but would never note that left-wing protests are at least as well-promoted. Nor would he notice the far more extensive astroturfing when the DNC recently reported "SUPPORTERS OF PRESIDENT OBAMA'S BUDGET TO HAND DELIVER 642,000 PLEDGES GATHERED FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO CAPITOL HILL.” In fact there were one-third as many people pledging, but the DNC printed up 3 copies of each pledge, for each pledger's Congressman and two Senators. Further, most of these pledges came by return email, after a massive email request from Obama, and fewer than 1% of the people (all Obama supporters) who received the email responded in kind. But hey, getting 1% of Obama's supporters to hit "reply" on an email is so much more real a sign of left-wing resurgence than is getting more people to come out in person to attend a rally, if it's promoted by Fox News.
1) Greg finds mixed metaphors amusing, especially when they are clueless regading their basis and inferences. (See Scott Johnson's comments.)

2) Greg is still waiting for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or even Fox to promote the DNC's astroturf.

Greg thinks it doesn't happen.

Greg finds this constant attempt at partisan equivocation to be rather strange, especially when it is done in the third person.
Wes thinks someone is doing what they do best: muddying the waters.

Wes enjoys occasionally talking about himself in the third person. There is nothing odd about this; Sen. Bob Dole used to do it all the time.

any thinking person in the Texas Republican partyWes thinks that's an oxymoron.

(brought to you by the new product from the makers of Oxy-10: Oxymoron-10, for pimple-free teenagers.)
Wes is also wondering where one of his line breaks went. It was there a few hours ago...

"Greg is still waiting for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or even Fox to promote the DNC's astroturf."What's your point?

1) Naturally an email campaign is not very photogenic or likely to be covered extensively on television. However, the networks and papers all extensively covered, e.g., the antics of Cindy Sheehan. Were the protests she attended therefore astroturf?

2) So 200,000 people attending rallies on tax day don't count because they were promoted to do so by Fox News, but 200,000 people hitting "reply" on an email or signing a petition at their door constitutes significant "grass-roots" participation because it was only promoted by the President of the United States and his political party?
I'd prefer not to defend arguments I did not make.
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