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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
  My Vacation and the Bailout

Dear Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy, Rep. Olver:

While taking a once-in-a-lifetime whole family vacation (19 of us from around the country!!) to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the holidays, I couldn't help but notice the four or five dozen private jets gridlocking both ends of the tarmac at San Jose del Cabo's tiny little airport. It seems that many of the rich and famous chose to vacation in the same region as the Roach family.

Being a family of aviation geeks, my brother and I jotted down a few of the tail numbers from these multi-million dollar jets to see if we could see whom we had been unknowingly rubbing elbows with. One large $45 million Bombardier Global Express stood out from the rest:
Could you please explain what a jet belonging to a corporation that has received approximately $45 BILLION in taxpayer money over the last 90 days was doing parked on the tarmac of Mexico's trendiest luxury vacation spot on New Year's Day? I am sure there is a completely innocent explanation.

Greg Roach
North Adams, MA
Probably taking Feinstein and Reid to a little thank you get together.
A tale of two companies....Company A takes $45 billion in federal bailout money, refuses to disclose what they might have done with it, and sends one of their corporate jet fleet to Cabo for the holidays.

Company B wants to ask for one-tenth of that amount as a loan, and flies one of their corporate jets to Washington DC with their CEO, so that he can personally testify as to their need to federal legislators.

One company's behavior is outrageous and it is pilloried in the press. The other company's behavior is perfectly normal and no big deal.

Funny how that works.

Cap'n John
Hi Greg,

Great original reporting. I hope you get this out to the broader news/opinion market. (Perhaps Citigroup Watch at would be interested.)
You might do well to find some Senator(s) who opposed the bailout (not all of whom, as I recall, were Republicans) and send your letter to them too.
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