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Sunday, October 19, 2008
  More Surreal Life
You've probably already seen batshit-crazy Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann's self-immolation on YouTube. You might have heard that her Democratic opponent, Elwynn Tinklenberg, has raised $620,000 in the past day due to the publicity. (I sent the guy $10.) You probably did not know that I met my wife, who was born and raised in Minnesota, when I lived in the Twin Cities.

Tonight I got a phone call from my mother-in-law. It seems that Tinklenberg is originally from her (really friggin') small "real America" hometown of Milaca, MN and her good friend, the woman who introduced her to her future husband in 1967, is sisters with Tinklenberg's sister-in-law. (Did ya' follow that? Golly, you're good.)

Me, wife, mother-in-law, friend, sister, Tinklenberg - 5 degrees.

(Small towns have lots in common wherever you go)

UPDATE: Evidently this guy Tinklenberg helped my wife's grandmother's best friend (did ya' follow that) straighten out a big mess with the Veterans Administration. (Nice finish to the story, dontcha' know.) Good guy. As I said, small towns have lots in common.
Quick clarification, I've learned he's actually from Pease, MN. Milaca and Pease are like the towns in close to each other that you wouldn't know one from the other.

Signed, the wife who lost her MN accent ages ago, but finds it rather comforting when she hears it.
Greg, it is scary that this type of McCarthyism is raising its head again. This isn't about disagreeing with someone's views, but is about throwing every negative term at someone and hope that suspicion sticks. I haven't heard anything this despicable in a long time. It is not about the USA, it is about winning and staying in power. And it isn''t just her.
Well put, Dan.

Bachmann's words were actually quite mild compared to the right wing commentariat. Not a day goes by that folks like Limbaugh, Hannity, and dozens of their wanna-bes, don't say things 10 times more inflammatory. Hopefully, enough of the hard right goes down in flames in two weeks that this crap gets put to bed for another generation.
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