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Saturday, October 25, 2008
  "I don't know if you're gonna use the word terrorist there..."
This really bothers me. The abortion clinic bombing question occurs around 1:20.

Regardless of your views on Roe v Wade, not calling this guy a terrorist is a HUGE political statement in and of itself.
But, was to SAVE TEH BAYBEEEZ!!!1!one1. Which means, by definition, it wasn't terrorism. Fetus Über Alles!

Remember, Greg, from the perspective of Gov. Palin and the dead-enders still supporting Tippecanoe and Barbie Too, you're only a terrorist if yer darker than, say, Dick Van Patten and one of them people whut don't worship JEEEEEzus!

Personally, I think Eric Robert Rudolph should be thrown in prison for life - as should every single so-called "American" who gave him aid, comfort or moral support. If the right wing can connect Barack Obama to Bill Ayers on flimsy pretenses and then call him a terrorist sympathizer, then I'm more than willing to do the same to anyone who ever said a kind word about Rudolph. You wanna play the Six Degrees of Separation game? Bring it. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who helped Rudolph is no better than Al Qaeda.

(I realize, of course, that locking up anyone who ever said anything nice about Rudolph would probably decrease the number of operating meth labs in America by about 90%, but hey. I also await the "You liberals are so intemperate - we conservative/Randroid types express our odious and malformed views calmly, which makes us better than you!" comments - you know who you are. Finally, anyone who takes this comment fully seriously needs to understand hyperbole.)

Their skewed definition seems to only include people, that can be even in the remotest terms, linked to their opponent. Everyone else are just bad guys. What phony shit heads they are.
Sorry, I'm stuck on the part where she won't label herself a feminist, because she and McCain "don't believe in labeling different parts of America."

Except for making sweeping statements about the "liberal feminist agenda." That they'll label.
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