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Friday, September 26, 2008
  Theater of the Absurd
I'm beginning to wonder if McCain's attempts to delay tonight's debate really were an attempt to delay Sarah Palin's debate next week. Last night he suggested that McCain vs Obama, round 1, could be moved to the VP slot and another time could be found for Ms. Palin and Mr. Biden somewhere down the line.

Those who suggested this motivation yesterday struck me as crazy. But after watching Palin's performance with Katie Couric, which was taped a day prior to McCain's drama-queen antics, and the McCain Camp's freakout over press coverage of Palin at the UN, I have begun to think that this conspiracy theory is not terribly far fetched. In fact, after watching Palin's disaster with Couric, I almost felt bad for Sarah - almost..... Maybe pity is the word I am looking for.

Add to this the fact that McCain is doing nothing in D.C. but gumming up the negotiations over the Wall Street bailout and posturing himself with the far-right Enron-style deregulation crowd in the House, there seem to be few other non-wacko scenarios that make sense.

The only thing I am truly certain of is that McCain's stated motives for trying to suspend the Mississippi debate are not the real ones.

UPDATE: It seems I am not the only one who is smelling Palin's fear and feeling a little sorry for her.

UPDATE PART DUEX: More cringing liberal empathy here, here, here, .... And an unrepentant white supremist conservative woman chimes in here. I thought the choice of Palin was lousy when it was announced, but I didn't expect someone who couldn't hold her own. Oy.
Greg, thank you. I was going to post something about this also but I thought people would only brush it off as another one of my conspiracy theories. I am glad that I'm not the only one that can see the three ring circus acts performed by John McCant and the Republican nonsense machine. This has Carl/Bush written all over it.
I saw someone comment somewhere else . . . why bother to run a competent campaign when there's not going to be an election anyhow?
I can hear it now -- they'll say she's a victim of the librul media!
I say when she was first selected that I didn't think she would make the November elections. I still believe that she will withdraw for family reasons (Trig and Bristol) and will open the door for Rudi.

With no time for the Democrats to react, it make the election a close one.
She won't withdraw from the race, just from the press. McCain needs her. Even demonstrating complete, er, ineptitude, she is still beloved by the right, Christian base. She has solidified that so he can try to appeal to the middle.

I don't think any of it is working, and it won't work, but that appears to be the plan.

Check out this article:

Basically talks about facts really don't matter to most people.

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