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Thursday, September 11, 2008
  My Surreal Life
This just came via e-mail and it is completely and totally real:

SUBJECT: Hello from your Room Parents in Mrs. XXXXX's class!

Hello everyone. As was mentioned last night, ####### and I (Jane Swift), will be your room parents this year....



Life is truly funnier than fiction.
Tell her to go fuck herself.
My dad has this theory that there are really only 200 people in the world, and that's why when you blog about a former governor's Truth Squad, the one that she launched on behalf of the possible next Vice President of the United States and which she uses to draw wholly illogical conclusions about how sexist the world is, that former governor is ALWAYS the one who winds up being your kids' room parent a few days later.

Or it explains why you invariably run into someone you know when vacationing down in Boca.

Both, really.
Jane Swift ain't to swift...actually she is an idiot!
I gotta pipe in here and say that I met Jane last year and then invited her to my classroom to talk about feminism and women's issues. I was impressed. I probably agree with her more than I disagree with her on political issues. While I don't agree with Sarah Palin's politics, at all, I could see how Ms. Swift could easily take this job, both to support the party and to make sure she is on any short list that McCain puts together once he is in the White House. In fact, she seems like a great choice to do this dirty task.

If wishing her luck will bring a McCain/Palin ticket to the White House, then I won't go that far. But I will wish her safe travels.
Amy- I agree that Jane is nice and such. As I mentioned below, on a personal level I think she's fine. (although if she ever reads this blog, I'll probably get trash duty on parents night at the school)

My political criticisms of her are that she use to make a very big deal out of being a moderate secularist Republican and now she not only endorses, but defends (disingenuously) a hard right wing theocratic candidate.

Ali- I once ran into a very close friend on a Paris subway back in high school. You dad was right.
I'm going to pipe in here as well...Jane's contributed a lot to this community and a few years ago I gained some invaluable information from her regarding a child/school issue. For that I am EVER grateful. Amy, you're right, she's a bright woman. Sadly, I'm frustrated (as a woman myself!) that she seems to be jumping on the bandwagon on a national level to spread half-truths for her own political gains. I'm disappointed.

And Ali...I agree with your father 100%. I've had so many small world experiences that I sometimes freak myself out!
I expected payback long ago from the GOP when Jane step aside and allowed Romney to launch his presidential bid through Massachusetts. I hope she doesn't have to continue with this charade in order to be rewarded.
There are plenty of Republicans who are delightful one on one. Being a nice personality doesn't make one not onerous in the big picture. There were nice Fascists, as well. The Nixon administration had some friendly people in it. From what I can tell, Idi Amin was a sweetheart. Well, sometimes. Even Saddam Hussein had his charm.

The point being that even that hockey mom for VP is thought of as a nice person by some in her community. Who cares? A decision to do something politically heinous and potentially destruction to what is the right thing to do trumps nice everytime. And someone like Swift is, despite everything, a Republican. A Republican who had incredibly bad judgment during her tenure as substitute governor. I don't really see the point in this hand-wringing and feeling betrayed by someone who is merely being professionally what she has always been. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Giuliani and McCain are secular Republicans as well and Swift is only acting like them.
The Real Jane Swift:

She's all against trial lawyers . . .
Yeeh... I saw that. Napolitano and Wasserman-Schwartz fed her her lunch.

Shorter Jane: Equal pay for women? Not if they have to sue to get it.
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