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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  In Your Guts You Know She's Nuts!!
"God's will is to get that pipeline done.... so pray for that."


She wanted to ban some books:
Shortly after becoming mayor, former city officials and Wasilla residents said, Ms. Palin approached the town librarian about the possibility of banning some books, though she never followed through and it was unclear which books or passages were in question.

Ann Kilkenny, a Democrat who said she attended every City Council meeting in Ms. Palin’s first year in office, said Ms. Palin brought up the idea of banning some books at one meeting. “They were somehow morally or socially objectionable to her,” Ms. Kilkenny said.

The librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, pledged to “resist all efforts at censorship,” Ms. Kilkenny recalled. Ms. Palin fired Ms. Emmons shortly after taking office but changed course after residents made a strong show of support. Ms. Emmons, who left her job and Wasilla a couple of years later, declined to comment for this article.
Which ones? Given the year I'd bet it was the evil and demonic Harry Potter series which was just gaining serious notoriety.

... AND...

back to the video - This time Iraq policy

"Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that from G-d."

And people thought Barry Goldwater was far right. Oy.
Oh, she's another scary Christian psycho, that's for damn sure. And that's just one of her problems. She's also not actually hot. I know Republicans think she's hot, but they really don't know a lot about women. She looks like an icky morning show host. And she's apparently a fascist.

What is it with inexperienced people in this race? I think McCain is the only Republican who ran who actually had any applicable experience to the job of president and, you know, he's a mean old suckwad.
If the job of President involves crashing three Navy airplanes in training, getting another one blown up, and getting shot down in yet another one, very few people are qualified for the job.

I did that job for eight years and never managed to wreck even one. Obviously, I'm not qualified.

Cap'n John
Cap'n John...
Good to hear from you. This is the better half speaking. ;) I'm so sorry that the twin cities has to be associated with all of this. I adore St. Paul and now it feels...well..icky. So sad.

Oh well, E is looking forward to playing on sandy beaches with H. There, that's a good thought for the day.
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