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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
  North Adams Real Estate
There are a couple of big stories on the North Adams real estate front:

The Holiday Inn reportedly is quietly up for sale according to a couple people in the know. The untimely death of Sanford Plumb this past winter seemed to make to make some ownership changes likely. It seems that the process has begun.

Evidently the old space that Steeples restaurant used to fill is going to remain vacant so a new owner can decide what to do with it. Rumored talks between the Holiday Inn and some experienced local restaurateurs to put a new dining establishment in place this summer recently fell through.

I gotta tell ya' - as a restaurant professional, it is my firm belief that if the right person got their hands on the space at the Holiday Inn, they would make a killing. The prospects for in-house catering are HUGE, not to mention a great location for a restaurant and lounge. If my wife wouldn't divorce me, not to mention that I really love my current job, I would be all over this. (Although, if you're filthy rich and want to throw some serious capital my way, I'll always listen. Don't tell my wife!)

Main Street may soon fill another space, though. A longtime North Adams company that currently owns a large underutilized building is supposedly looking at selling their current building and leasing street front office space on Main Street. It sounds like a logical move to me. I haven't been able to confirm this with any of the players, so for now, let the guessing games begin.
I also heard that rumor. Along with whispers that the whole "Sunny Side" of Main Street is going on the block. They are not interested in the other side of the street, referred to as the "SHADY SIDE", where the Town Hall is appropriately placed. An investment group from Conn. wants to buy North Adams. Seems that with the new casino study purporting nothing but good news for area investment, they want to get in line first. It's also whispered that they want to incorporate downtown into the casino, sorta like a Disney Yokel World Casino theme Park.
I agree about the Steeples, it is the only place in NA that I would serious consider for a restaurant if I were still in the business. It has parking, conference/banquet space, a captive audience upstairs, and great outdoor dining space, a short walk from MoCA and its smack in the middle of downtown. Put live entertainment on the porch in warm weather and you tons of free advertising.

If you could get rid of the "hotel" look of the dining space, you would be way ahead of the game.
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