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Monday, June 09, 2008
  Clark is good for business
Today's letters to the editor contained a rather amusing "shove-it" to North Adams' most obnoxious City Councilor Clark Billings. (quoted in full to keep it from disappearing behind The Transcript's archive wall in two weeks. Click on the link anyways to give the paper credit.)
To the editor:

I have a question and a comment for Councilor Clark Billings.

I happened to catch your show ("Think About It") on June 4, when you were talking about the letter supposedly written by Sue Cellana (Transcript, May 28). I read the letter where it said the council should investigate the use of Joe Wolfe Field by the SteepleCats. You seemed to be bothered because you felt it wasn't the council's problem.

My question to you is that, as a teacher at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, don't you encourage your students to ask questions in order to get answers?

Oftentimes, as residents of North Adams, we also feel a need to ask questions. If it is your responsibility as a teacher to help students, it is also your responsibility as a council member to help residents find answers. If they cannot go to council members, who can they go to?

The most striking part of your show was when you decided to publicly correct the grammar in the supposed letter of Sue Cellana and the response written by Glenn Drohan.

Mr. Billings, most of us are not English majors. We just try to get our point across when there are things we need to know and would like answered
by someone in city government. Your television performance said it all: Those who CAN, do. Those who CANNOT, teach!

Wayne Andreatta

North Adams
I've got admit, every time Mr. Billings goes off the deep end on this blog, my numbers predictably double. This past weekend's rants are no exception. It seems the two things guarenteed to drive internet traffic to a North Adams web site are naked pictures and Clark H. Billings.
Perhaps you two should make it official, get one of those point/counterpoint shows.
Perhaps I should post naked pictures of Clark.

OW! I need brain bleach now, Greg.

Well for once I am in agreement with both Greg and Wes-----pictures of me nekked???eeeeeewwwww--please pass the brain bleach-----sure fire way to scare tourists away-----chbpod
I dunno, some people are into really weird things. Could pack 'em in.
Hey lastvis----would that make me a tourist attraction??? you know---a destination???? could it be advertised as performance art???
frankly I'm too old for that sh**----------and Greg and Wes are correct----eeeeewwwwwwww-chbpod
You're already performance art, Clark.
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