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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
  First Place is Not Always Good
Statistics compiled by the Associated Press and Department of Defense show Vermont has the highest per capita death rate in Iraq.

Based on population estimates by U.S. Census Bureau and casualty figures compiled by the Department of Defense and the AP -- 3.22 Vermonters have died per 100,000 residents in the Green Mountain state.

Vermont is followed by Nebraska, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.
This makes four years running that our neighbor to the north leads the list. The thing that is most striking about the states that bear the most burden is that they are by definition "rural." If you look back at other modern wars, such grieving was shared by rural and city folk alike. What does this shift mean, aside from the obvious? I'm not sure.
We don't know how to shoot them new fangled guns - all the black powder falls outs after you load the darn thing.

Seriously, could it be that these states have a higher per capita representation in the Armed Service?
I would think that that is the obvious conclusion.
Well I said I wouldn't post here-- but I think you should factor in the draft in past wars---rural kids MAY be more patriotic but also find the National Guard as a great option---for school tuition etc.--- I don;t think they joined the Guard to go to Iraq-- but there they are---that should be factored into the analysis-that may also explain- in part- per capita representation---chbpod
Rural kids more often know how to shoot, hunt, hike and camp. If you're afraid of guns, or if you're not comfortable with hiking and camping, then you'd not be comfortable with even peacetime membership in the Army or Marines.
CHBPOD is correct. I believe that if you look at each States economy along with it's percent Rural to City population and factor in the perks for signing up, you will find that it is a big influence on the numbers. It has nothing to do with patriotism!
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