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Friday, April 04, 2008
  Another Day...
... another medical claim denied by my lovely friends at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Yes, we had a referral from our primary care doc, and we switched to a more expensive BCBS plan that was supposed to cover more out of network stuff, but, alas, some guy sitting behind a desk, who has never met the patient, never asked her a question nor even called her physician knows that this simple visit to a specialist was 'not a medical necessity.'

Just one more reason why I will laugh a bitter laugh when the major health insurers put themselves out of business by creating such a wave of angry American consumers that congress will have no choice but to create a single payer system. It probably will happen incrementally and take several years, but it will happen. The backlash has begun.
Why do you expect anything more when we have a medical system run by the Insurance Industry? Feel lucky that they don't tack on some sort of surcharge for the doctors visit!

"We The People" have lost all control over our government servants, and to the last one, they are bought and paid for by Greedy Business Interest. Until we get rid of the Representative Form of Governing and get the Citizenry directly involved in voting for legislation, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!

I suspect, looking at the history of mankind, that when change does happen, and it will, it most certainly will be a bloody affair. I for one will not shed a single tear for any politico caught up in the maelstrom! They have allowed, through their own self serving interest, the situation to degrade to the point at which we find ourselves today. They are more concerned with protecting their jobs, their cheep insurance, their perks, their free vacations, and the inflow of cash from special interest groups, than they are concerned with providing you with anything resembling good and FREE HEALTH CARE.
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