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Thursday, March 20, 2008
  Contradicting his Partner
Larry Rosenthal does just that in The Eagle regarding Spice's plans.
A perfect example of a restaurant trying to force it's image of a community on a community.

You can sell $10 martini's in Berkshire County, as long as you can afford to only sell one a week.

I think this concept could have worked if it was a 20 seat restaurant and not 100+ seat joint. There is no better advertising for a restaurant than a reservation waiting list.

I wonder what business statistics they gave the bank that would convince anyone that this idea would fly?

I would love to see a study that shows the total restaurant seating capacity in the area and compares it to the estimated percentage of patrons on any given night.
da snoop.....You are correct. We ain't no swanky Yankee hoyty toydy make believe dress up snobby pretentious inbreds willing to throw our money away on $20 over priced bottom shelf hooch. Just who are they trying to impress? We ain't pretend dress up folk that are willing to get scalped on over priced booze just for the personal gratification of sitting out on the veranda and pretending we are something we are not..."Oh look honey, there is Joe and June sitting out on the veranda. They must have money to afford those drinks. They must be better people than us because they are rubbing elbows with the rich folk!" Gimme a break! This is North Adams not Washington D.C.
If it actually makes sense to close for a few months, then that means their revenue can't even cover variable costs like labor, rent and gas, let alone fixed costs like interest on the restaurant's portion of $7.8 million (i.e., they have a true operating loss, as the story says). Given that mortgage, and the expenses of a restart, the lost goodwill of layoffs and business lunch cancellations, I don't see how this move really could increase their viability much. Which is too bad.

I would have thought there was a fair amount of room between their prices and the "$12 dinner specials" the owner pooh-poohed, and that moving into that area was their only only chance, perhaps with the reduced priced options mostly available seasonally and/or on weekdays.
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