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Friday, February 01, 2008
  What our insurance premiums pay for. Part 2
Well, after a lot of kicking and screaming, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has decided to cover the Albany specialist for my wife. It was the right thing to do.

So what was the cost of this?
  1. Two Physicians having to stop what they were doing and write formal letters of medical neccesity.
  2. I had to take an afternoon off of work to help write the "greivance" letter to appeal my wife's case.
  3. At least one physician on the staff of BCBS not only had to review the case and reject it, but then had to review the appeal and change his mind.
  4. Administrative staff at BCBS had to write and send the respective letters to the docs and my wife.
  5. A customer service rep at BCBS had to spend time on the phone trying help us sort this out.
  6. No fewer than four nurses and/or administrative staff at two medical practices had to field our phone calls and probably fill out the additional insurance forms for their respective employing physicians.
  7. And, of course, BCBS's Public Relations folks felt the need to monitor this blog.
How much did this non-medical thumb-wrestling actually cost? I'd bet that it adds up to at least $1500. (plus a whole bunch of ill will on my part, which as we all know is priceless.)

Keep that in mind the next time you hear insurance companies whine about "rising medical costs." Remember that 1 out of every 3 dollars spent in the completely screwed up American system is spent on paper pushing - not healthcare!

Grrrrrrrrrr. I really feel the need to punch the next MBA I meet in the nose.
Hey Greg--Tara is an MBA. NYU/Stern '03. Punch her and the blogosphere becomes veeery interesting.

Lawyers: well now, that's probably a different story.
If she'd gone to Harvard we would have a problem. heh
I agree that people in this country have to waste too much time on this sort of BS.

Things are so much better in England, where when the government says "no" you don't waste a lot of time on an appeal you know is futile.
For the record, I believe that Mr. Pittelli went to Harvard. This might require a grudge match of beer pong to settle.....
Yes, but my master's degree is in American History, not business. I'm afraid my days of significant beer consumption are over; my game is poker.
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