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Saturday, January 26, 2008
  This Sucks
Just a few weeks ago, George Peterson, owner of Central Coast Brewery in San Luis Obispo, Calif., spent $160 to brew a batch of beer equal to eight kegs. Last week, he was spending a staggering $920 per batch.

“It’s a big deal, and it’s something that you have to think about every day because it’s an ingredient. I can’t just pick up the phone like I used to and say, ‘Hi, I need 45 pounds of this,’ ” Peterson said.

Small breweries feel the worst pinch
Brewers said the average cost of a six-pack of domestic beer would likely rise about a dollar by the end of the month, just a few days before the Super Bowl. Retail tracking services say beer sales traditionally rise as much 15 percent in the two weeks before the game.
Ouch. It's bad enough that medical stuff has hit me in the checkbook, but my favorite adult beverage, too?!?!

I think I'll go have a glass of box wine.
Pretty soon it will be the cost of water that will be sky-rocketing.

I wonder if this is an off-shoot of the boom in ethanol production. With the cost of corn rising on the market, farmers could be switching crops to take advantage of it. Just another reason why think hydrogen is the fuel of the future.
That's it! The straw that busted the camels back! When they start to mess with my beer, it is time to polish up your bullets and dust off "old bess" and start lookin fur dem bastards to hang their heads on the wall next to the rat head!
No seriously Greg..... Has any one looked into "WHO" actually caused the price of the ingredients to rise, and "WHY THE RISE?" I doubt it? I suspect that it is just more of the speculative, roll the dice economic policy of the White House, that is encouraging Wall Street and fat cats to horde and drive up the price on things that the normal market keeps at a stable price.
Da Snoop is correct but they will find a way to price it out of usage by the working joe. Greedanomics of the "GOD" of the Republicans, Ronnie The RAT and King George, have all but destroyed any resemblance to a supply and demand economy.
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