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Friday, January 11, 2008
  I have a dream that my child will be judged by the content of his character rather than the size of his bank account.
There is a myth that Corporations cannot contribute to candidates and politicians and the donations of the wealthy are limited. It is only a myth. All one has to do to lay bare the truth to the money laundering game that is politics is look at the soft money and where it comes from.

"Soft money?"

"Didn't McCain-Feingold's campaign finance reforms eliminate soft money," you ask?

Don't make me laugh.

Check out this IRS filing by the Republican Governors Association.

Scroll through for a few minutes and you'll get the idea. There are literally millions of dollars being donated to this ONE SINGLE OVERTLY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION by dozens upon dozens of the wealthiest and most powerful companies and individuals in America during a single six month period in a year with only three gubernatorial elections nationwide. (Bobby Jindal's surrogates got $95K of laundered money in Louisiana during this period and I am sure much, much more in the following months. I wonder who among the donors have business in Louisiana.)

6 figure, five figure and even the the occasional million-dollar-plus contibution pop in the various filings for this group. And people thought you could only donate a couple grand a year to candidate or $5000 to a PAC. Hahaha! Yeah, right. If you're rich, give this group $100K and magically it ends up influencing the campaign of your choice.

Pop Quiz: Who was the Chair of this organization just prior to this filing?
(Hint: If you scroll down to the expenditures portion of the filing you will find the fees for a charter jet flying out of suburban Boston.)

And, yes, I know that both parties do it. For that matter this process was more or less invented by Terry McCaullif. It is still repugnant and anti=democratic.
It is just proof positive that our government is for sale to the highest bidder. (contributor) Remember I told you about every bill having a back door? A front door, with all the glitz and glitter and photo ops for the general public, and the back door, for usurping the intent of the bill by those that the bill is intended to control. So... what else is new in the phony world of politics. I know I rag on politicians, but it is not without them proving me correct time after time, with their actions. They try to bullshit us with a lot of feel good hot air and "trust me, I know what is good for you" Then turn around and shove it up our ass with their actions. Does AARP contribute to the Democrats as well?
I am sure AARP contributes to the Dems in a similar fashion, as well.
AARP is another sell out to the party of "Ronnie The Rat" Regan and his criminals.
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