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Sunday, November 11, 2007
  Tale of Two Dormant Restaurants
The former EGL/Gideon's Nightery/Joga has new owners. I wish them well, but this article in the Transcript gives no indication that they know anything about the restaurant industry. Good luck. They are going to need it.

And on the other side of the border....

A certain food and drink establishment (Hint: mix red and blue together) whose planned reincarnation was covered by The Transcript a little while back has hit a major, but not unforeseeable, snag. Without confirming the exact details, I am hesitant to say much more. (Getting sued is no fun) But an enterprising young reporter with a few hours of snooping could certainly dig out and confirm the personal foibles that have led the alleged collapse of the deal.
I've said this before and I'll say it again, the city does not need another restaurant.

I would have to question the logic in opening a restaurant and starting out with the least money makers (breakfast and lunch). Percentage wise breakfast looks good on paper, but you have to sell a lot of eggs to make any serious money. And lunch,in NA, forget it, you'll break even at best.

I would bet a large sum of money that they could make a very profitable go of it for little additional investment and less hours worked if they opened a teen dance establishment. You sell 15 cents worth of soda for $2, popcorn, nachos, bottled water, etc. No liquor license, no waitstaff, no restaurant equipment (maybe a pizza oven) and you can charge at the door. Its guaranteed "cash" money, there is no place for kids to go in this area (no competition) and nobody seems to want to cash in on this untapped gold mine. Its a perfect location, maybe after this group goes bankrupt I'll have to look for a financial backer.
Regarding Greg's hint, there was an arrest in South County for drunken driving (second offense) of a certain pub owner in August, who was sentenced in October to two years' probation -- driver's license taken away, as well. According to Williamstown officials, there is no bylaw prohibiting people with such records from running establishments. It will be up to the Selectmen whether to grant the license, when it comes up for renewal, supposedly late this month.
Did you know that if that same bar owner had been convicted for possessing one joint decades prior, the current law would prevent her from getting a liquor license, ever?

Odd, that.
Two things kill restaurants in NA. First, the locals want their plate piled 2' high and only want to pay $1.50 for it. Second, the help thinks that asking if you want that for here or to go warrants that 20% tip
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