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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
  Dick Cheney Goes Hunting for Trouble... Again
Since we're talking about the meaning of the flags of the Confederacy in 2007, let me ask the question - When such flags are displayed in the Northern States, in no particular historical context, how should such an action be interpreted?

Let's ask Dick Cheney and the gun glub in upstate New York that recently hosted him....
Nobody got shot, but Vice President Cheney still fired up controversy Monday when he went hunting at a private club that hangs the Confederate flag.

A Daily News photographer captured the 3-by-5 foot Dixie flag affixed to a door in the garage of the Clove Valley Gun and Rod Club in upstate Union Vale, N.Y.
Now, of course I don't think that Dick Cheney had anything to do with the hanging of the flag, but why would a true blue Yankee gun club "hide" such a flag in their garage? Are they trying to prove to themselves that they are "rebels"? Is this an ode to the marksmanship of the Confederacy? Or is the most obvious answer the most likely one?

Occam's Razor seems to suggest that these folks consider themselves "good ol' boys" and when they are behind closed doors, they are quite proud of that.

But at least no one got shot in the face.........
You may be surprised to know that the K.K.K. was very active in the north east. My grandfather told stories of meetings being held on the old fair grounds in Clarksburg. I'm sure the flag was flying high! And yes there are still some "GOOD OLD BOYS" around.
Up from the ol' Second Floor of Doom at the corner of North and Veazie you could often see (and before that, hear) large trucks going by with the Stars and Bars proudly displayed.

And yes, they're here in Cincinnati too. I just can't think of a single reason those would EVER be displayed unironically in a northern state (for that matter, it's 2007; I can't think of a single reason why this wouldn't be true in the southern states as well).

I have to clarify that my grandfather wasn't a good old boy. They were Catholic and in much fear of the gatherings. He told of he and a couple of his kin sitting on the front porch with loaded rifles.....just in case things got to fisty.
I don't know if this is news or not, it seems to me that if people were offended by it, it would have been discovered before this. I usually judge a story's credibility by the Sharpton factor - the more he huffs and puffs the more bogus a story it is.

I am by no means a fan of Dick, but I hardly see how he could have known. I'm more upset that he traveled in a 15 car convey not to mention all the police vehicles and helicopter just to go hunting tame birds.

I would be willing to bet that most northern people who display this flag look at it as a symbol of being a rebel than slavery. Though to tuck it away in one's garage, you have to wonder how much of a rebel the owner really is.
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