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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
  With all due respect....
... if Governor Patrick wants to license a resort casino in Western Mass, I am sure that he would not mind selling off some of his acreage in South County for the project. Heck, he would be providing jobs for his neighbors and he might make a buck or two. I am sure that the Tanglewood set would love him for it.
Forget South County...we have a lot of space here!
The gravel bank for instance. How beautiful would the southern entrance to the city be then? No more having to look at that plywood. Long term? Damn the future man, we need jobs now.
i'll take a casino anywhere in northern will provide construction jobs it will provide long term jobs....many of which will probably be good paying considering the seiu would take a great interest in this....we have gambling in the state now.....the lottery....i read bosley's "report".....not putting much stock in it...while i think deval is a moonbat i do think this casino plan will provide long term economic benefits to the commonwealth....we need jobs!!!!!
Windmills and a casino at the summit of Mount Greylock (take the tramway up).
stop it Glenn- I made that proposal back in 1984 (without the windmills) I added windmills to the scenario two years ago------just to piss off the Berkshire Eagle--- which always railed against development of the Greylock Glen--must keep it "pristine" -which it isn;t anyway--- and then they back windmills on a pristine ridgeline in Florida and Monroe--- go figure---chbpod
Yes, but we could add to the gorgeous view of Mt. G. from the back road to Adams -- across the transfer station and the carbonating towers at Specialty Minerals.
Wind powered casinos on Greylock NOW - will that fit on a bumper sticker?

The only thing I have a problem with is that now the state government has a monopoly on gambling and that just ain't right.
Hey Amy- I guess you don't do Bingo--chbpod
chbpod - never even occured to me. Ok, God and the state have a duopoly.

But since you can't serve God (as in with a summons) - I doubt his challenge would hold up in court.
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