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Thursday, September 20, 2007
  I was wrong. Here's why. Now, please fix it.
A few threads down Clark Billings assured me that notices for City Council subcommittee meetings are posted after I had said that few people even know about the meetings and had suggested that the participants avoid public scrutiny via a loophole.

BZZZT Wrong answer on my part.

The subcommittee meetings are, in fact, treated as public meetings and I will take the good coucilor's word that Marilyn, our devoted City Clerk, makes the required postings on the bulletin board across from her office. Mr. Billings even offered the fact that subcommittee meeting postings are mailed out to certain parties:
I just got in the mail a posting of a Public Safety meeting on Monday the 17th regarding taxi issues-- I have no idea what the issues are and who called the meeting--I don;t recall it a specific referral on this----
anyway- the announcement said- Monday Sept 17, 2007
And while the law says that the meeting need only be posted on the City Clerk's bulletin board to be legal, I thought I would check out the city's brand spankin' new web site (OK it's a year old) and the electronic version of the meeting calendar.

Oops. No such subcommittee meeting is listed online:

I understand that technology can take some getting used to, but if you are going to post meetings online for the citizens of North Adams, it would be helpful if *all* the public meetings appear. I've searched the calendar a few months in each direction and not one subcommittee meeting appears.

And this, fellow local political geeks, was the source of my confusion.
Why does that surprise you? Don't you know that the "WEB PAGE" is not for the citizens but for the business community and the chamber of commerce! It was put up under dourest and wasn't mint to include much of anything from town hall. Just the bear basic generalities with no substance. The mayor does not like the light of day shinning on the town hall and especially his running of the place. The door to the back room is open a crack but the thick cigar smoke pouring out makes it still impossible to see what is really going on.....and that's how he wants it!
Greg-I don't know who the Moderator of the board is---it's possible-- probable that regularly schedule meetings of boards- commission and council are posted--that can be determined by date at the beginning of each calendar year---as you know Council is second and fourth Tuesday of each month-- Planning Board whatever Monday- etc.----sometimes subcmmittees are scheduled- as I said in an earlier post at the Council meeting- and Marilyn posts it the next day-----special meetings????? again I don;t know---but I agree it would be nice to have ALL meetings posted on the Website------for all you geeks----techno or politico geeks-----oh yes and that post where I said I got a notice of the Public Safety meeting in the mail???? the Clerk usually sends that notice-- which is probably a copy of the one on the bulletin board--to all members of the Council-----I went to it- thinking (in error) that I was on that committee-- nope-- Public Services and General Government are my two committee assignments---and I am not chair of any this trem---fine with me----I have been Council President (3 years) and served as Chair of every committee- except possibly Finance---maybe I did- but that would have been some time ago--and I don't recall---why don't you send an e-mail to the City Clerk (as a concerned and interested citizen) and ask about the subcommittee meetings not being posted on the website---you coulkd even e-mail your buddie the Mayor---chbpod
Greg-- I know you have threatened to "expose" me based on some Blog comments--- but I would like your assurance that you are not responsible for posting an excerpt from one of my TV shows on YouTube-------I don't think you are that sort of person----chbpod
Nope. Not me.

But I will take your advice and ask the Clerk what steps would have to be taken to get all the meetings posted to the web in a timely fashion. If she can address an envelope and mail it, I am sure she can cc' the notice to the webmaster.
Fair enough-----I take you at your word---and pursue the suncommitte thingie--makes sense to me-- chbpod
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