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Saturday, September 22, 2007
  Court to MoCA - It's OK to throw away Buchel's Crap.
"We appreciate the thoughtful consideration that went into this complex case, and we are pleased with the court's decision," Mass MoCA director Joseph C. Thompson said. "We've exercised great care in dealing with these materials, and we are happy that the judge has granted us the right to continue to do so."

I wrote to the art critic at the NYTimes last week after she started whining about how badly abused Buchel had been by MoCA. The jist of my letter was that I was looking forward to a judge applying logic to the case rather than the sycophancy that she was displaying. She never wrote back.

I think I am going to have to send an official "gloat" to her later today.

And now, if rumor is correct, MoCA is just going to throw all the assembled junk that is covered in tarps out to the curb. It is a fitting end to this whole mess.

(I hear there is a really cool wooden bar in the lot. I'll take it if nobody else has dibs!)

UPDATE: The NYTimes has more here. The only difference in the articles is that the Times chose to quote the Dean of the Yale Art Department rather than the Dean of Mass Mayors and local art critic John Barrett, III.
I wouldn't imagine the NYT critic wouldn't answer - her column speaks for itself as to her vision of her place in the world as a NYT art critic as compared to the rest of us. Now I suppose she can stew in her own juices, positive that she and the urban art world elitists are right and the judge is wrong.

Sorry to sound so small town, but geez. Having lived in NYC for several years, I can tell you that people who live there sometimes forget that there are other people living elsewhere with other concerns that are just as valid as their's. Being in the art world triples that mindset.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing that house dumped out on the curb . . . now THAT'S art!
Greg? John? you may have to re-think your positions-- I agree with both of you--strange world eh?
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

If it were actually art, I might agree with the "artist", put piling junk and making up a story to match the pile isn't art - to me.

But . . . if it is considered art, then I have a 3 story art museum I should start selling tickets.
The NY Times did print a correction with the story noting the comments were from an earlier interview, so the letters were not without their effect.

I for one want to see what the fuss is about and will certainly stroll over to Mass MoCA if and when we the people are allowed to see it. Many people from North Adams contributed stuff to it you know.

Larry "Litlux"
I think they should invite people over with sledge-hammers, videotape the "de-installation" and show it in the lobby like they did the giant American flag knitting project.
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