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Thursday, August 23, 2007
  The Amusing Local Quote of the Day
Armand Delisle's conservative viewpoints have been strangely missing from the letters to the editor section for the past year or so. Today, He's Back! In an otherwise predictable but respectable rant against Dr. Peter May's latest, Mr. Delisle offers up a new tidbit of wisdom while referring to talk of impeachment:
"What does all this [liberal] hate rhetoric do? It contributes to our losing standing in the world community."
Hahhahhaahhahaahahahhahahhahhaa! MAKE IT STOP!!!

Then again, Pic says something interesting a little further down:
"I surely don't agree with everything the president is doing."
My sides hurt! Oy!

If you remember Mr. Delisle's published commentaries from 2003 and 2004, you will remember that saying something similar would have been 'emboldening the terrorists.'

I appreciate other perspectives, but give me a break with the not-so-subtle co-opting of your opponent's language and points of view.
I just wish Dr. Peter May would show some intelligence in his rants-- he has been calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for some time now-- as though impeachment would remove them from office----anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the Constitution would know that impeachment does not remove anyone from office-- unless they are sunsequently convicted of impeachment charges by 2/3 of the US Senate-- with the Chief Justice presiding--Dr. May has been bandying his ignorance around for months in various local media----I guess he must have been one of those children left behind---Pic is not off on the hate issues-- a local person told me that in a confrontation that he had with Dr. May-- Dr. May- said that he HATED George Bush-----let us not forget that Democrats voted for the war in Iraq-- and not only the Patriot Act but its most recent and more expanded reincarnation---what does that say??? we have some pretty gullible and just plain stupid Democratic legislators in the US Congress---no wonder Congress' approval ratings are lower the the President's---chbpod
House vote on Iraq Resolution, 10/10/2002:

Democrats Yea: 81
Democrats Nay: 126

Republicans Yea: 215
Republicans Nay: 6

And in regards to Dr. May, I have spoken with him and he is perfectly aware of the constitutional process that requires a trial in the Senate. He understands that impeachment is simply the indictment.

And, yes, Peter has said he hates Bush, but somehow I doubt that his utterance hurts the United States's world standing. Somehow I think our policies have much more to do with it.
Well Greg I also so doubt that Peter May's condemnation of Bush Chaney has had any impact on US standing in the world--BUT if you say that he fully understands the Constitutional process-- why is he sending in such stupid- and ignorant letters to the editor--time after time----he either knows the process or he doesn't-- and nothing he has published in the public aquare has ever indicated such knowledge----all it would take is a simple sentence or two--- to make his call for the removal of Bush and Cheney-- sound intelligent-- at least process-wise--- but as he (already having to you acknooedeged the process) he continues to look like an absolute BOOB--- in the public square-----if he knows the process-- and doesn;t address it-- then he's an even bigger moron than I thought he was---I thought he was just uneducated--at least in history and government---now I know he's an idiot----would someone please tell this moron to add a couple of sentences tohis rants----you know he blasts all Congressmen- for their failure to impeach---well Kennedy and Kerry are not a party to that------I agree with Peter---if you have a case- go ahead and do it---stop whistling in the wind--or past graveyards----maybe he should say that since Olver has not responded-- he should not be voted for next year---- let Peter May put his mouth where it should be---if Bush and Cheney are the "fault" of the election system-- and there are constitutional remedies provided for the House and ultimately - possibly - the Senate---why isn;t he REALLY going after them---as far as "local" officials---what the hell can we do---make a statement---he's doing a good enough job in making stupid statements without our help---chbpod
Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the constitution would know that impeachment is the only course open for the removal of a sitting President or Vice-President. What else is Dr. May going to call for?
As for saying out loud that you hate the president, there ain't nothing more American.
Anyone with a rudimentary knowldge of the Constitutional Amendments would know that.
I am not disputing his right to hate the President and the entire administration---as far as "rudimentary" knowledge of the Constitution-- May has never demonstrated that--- he calls for impeachment and everything he has every written implies that that is sufficient for removal from office----impeachement is to most people- tantamount to removal from office----stop sheltering a buffoon--- let him make it clear---his intent and the process------and trust me I have more than a rudimentary knowledge of the amendments--- of course I also have more than a rudimentary knowledge of the Constitution-- without the wmendments--- and removal from office must follow a set procedure as prescribed in that Constitution--- and May has absolutely unequivocally shown publically no understanding of that---his personal testimony to Greg notwithstanding-------he simply believes he is right on ALL accounts and doesn;t want to be challenged--- and reveal his ignorance---- which he may now understand-----but such an admission would undermine his credibility as posted in his previous letters to the editor--he was wrong then-- could it be he is wrong now????? I am only concerned with "process" at this time-- --his ranst lead the uninformed public to believe that impeachment is "removal" from office-- he has plenty of opportunites to suggest that we start the "process"-- for removal- which entails the trial in the Senate-- he has never done that------he is as guilty of misleading the local public as he claims Bush was on WMD's--- chbpod
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