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Monday, May 21, 2007
  I'm surprised they published my allusion to the F-bomb
Wes noted that this letter would start a few tongues wagging.

For me it incited a 30 second letter to the editor to tell this guy that some of us don't take kindly to being compared with drug dealers.

BTW - There will be beer and chatter around my fire pit tonight at 8pm. 131 Marion Ave. Dress warm and bring a folding chair. All views invited.
Well I worked one day in a "Tobacco Store" in DC, which turned out to be mostly a head shop. Does that count? I was OK with selling bongs to college kids, but when the middle-aged guy put his baby (in bassinet) on the floor so he could handle the crack pipes, that's when I knew my first day would be my last. Sorry to have missed your beer bash post until the following day.
Next time. It was a quickly organized ad-hoc thing that occured simply because the weather looked nice.
Hi Greg-- that letter was a masterpiece---- and you will be centerfold on my show next Wednesday---Mary Willey and Mike Leary are long time supporters of the Mayor-- and you are a newbie who has had some issues with the Mayor---read: school system---but your letter was great---hell if I had been in town- I might have even ventured to Marion Ave, just to shake your hand---if you would have accepted it---what pissed me off- too was the reference to drug dealers and not to the newbies of the artist community (I include you here as a chef must also be an artist)----I do not warm up to newbies who think that they know better--or that they should be the most pampered group in town---but when I see a newbie defend the Cit and the Mayor as you did-- nothing but kudos---the point is you CHOSE to come here--as did the other newbies--when someone moves to a new place- they usually do a little research--and if it's not to their liking- they don't go (come)----I think most of the newbies did that research--and now they are here---there is a vibrance that is new because of them---but they are not the only people in town-----although given the clustering in the Eclipse Mill-- they may think so---so anyway-- thank you for sticking up for the dying decaying old mill town that no one can get to from whereever--you found it sisn;t you====chbpod
The word I get is that this Richard Sherry is either the step-son or the son-in-law of James Brown the retired firefighter and Chairman of the Pension Board--he also posted a "Trackback" to both Pizza Jens Transcript article and Drohan's editorial---samo samo-- from the anti-Barrett crowd---could have been posted by Vinnie Melito or Paul Babeu----or any number of the anti-Barrett usual suspects-----I want to track this down before next week's show----but you are in for some major kudos--------luv n kisses--- chbpod
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