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Thursday, May 24, 2007
  Buchel has got a sense of humor
North Adams is not the first town the Buchel has tried to screw, but at least in Salzburg he was making an interesting point, even if it did cause a few headaches.
Christoph Büchel, a Swiss artist, has been collecting an anti-modern art petition at a stall next to the [upside down helicopter] artwork since it was installed during the Kontracom modern art festival in the summer.

He declared the pieces of modern art around the city "a blight on our cultural heritage".

2,000 signatures were collected, which is enough to trigger a referendum in the city. He handed the petition to the mayor in October, accompanied by local media reviews scathing the festival.

103,000 residents now have the chance to vote on a ban of modern art in public places until Saturday. Local authorities are now faced with the 40,000 Euro cost of running the referendum.

The mayor of Salzburg, Heinz Schaden (SPÖ) is not amused, saying that: "I personally won't be going to vote as I think this is all a load of rubbish."

He said that he would pass on the costs to the organisers of the festival, labelled by local FPÖ politicians as "crap". He said: "After that I don't want to hear from the festival ever again."
I just wish that Mr. "Training Ground for Democracy" had chosen an venue that could afford his "statements." Lord knows that MoCA and North Adams are not in a position to absorb his $300K snit.

And it sounds like the Mayor Schaden of Salzburg and Mayor Barrett should get together for beer. I'd bet they'd get along pretty well.

(Thanks to NYC artist Edward Winkleman for digging this tidbit out)
Maybe he can be crucified upside down next to the inverted trees, a piece of art in his own "rite."
I don't get it?...why is everything up side down? What is the artsy significance? Must be the DRUGS they do? You know..."You had to have been there" sorta thing. Wouldn't an upright exhibit with head cushions for the viewers to stand on their heads to view the thing be more pro active Viewer perception! Sounds like a winner to me! Remember the "Sinkin Ship" in Allendale shopping plaza? I didn't get that one either? Maybe if they had surrounded it with a pool of water it would have worked, but a ship can't sink sitting on blacktop. They didn't fool me! A glass of beer displayed upside down is an empty glass, nothing more!
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