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Sunday, March 18, 2007
  The local scene
While in Chicago, I still surfed the local sites and kept abreast of some interesting developments on the local blog scene:

My favorite new blog is the CleanerPlateClub. Ali is a friend of a friend who is trying to figure out how to feed her family healthy meals in the evermore complex web of food-that-is-not what-you-think-it-is. Sometimes it reads like a standard Mommyblog, but as often as not, she hits on a subject that has far deeper roots than your typical recipe.

The Transcript has decided to jump into the blog fray by putting a comment section on each of their online articles. If the comments following this editorial are any indication, it seems that the option to be anonymous will be too tempting for the cowardly masses. Might I suggest required registration to post? Kudos to Mr. Drohan for this upgrade.

Tom Bernard has one of the best posts I've read on the state of the city. I suspect that the usual suspects will eventually turn up to tell a guy who grew up here, moved to Boston after graduating from Williams and still came back, why he does not know what he is talking about.

Ross hates his plumbing. I am right there with you, bro.

Andy seems to have discovered that compared to school, real work in the service sector can leave little time to blog. (Again, I am right there with you...)

Wes continues to stalk the He Man Woman Hater's Club. Somebody should serialize all those letters for a book.

And Eric's (aka the Funniest Man in North Adams) lack of posting makes him appear to be very busy himself. (Thanks for clearing the driveway while I was gone!) Hopefully regular commentary will resume when his schedule calms down.

And of course there are many other whom I have neglected to mention, if for no other reason than it is time to put my kid to bed. Later.......
Welcome back, Greg.
Good to have you back, Greg.

You're missing the thread in Jack Tremblay's blog where Clark Billings makes the poignant observation that I am a "leech" whose tax revenue is no better than tainted drug money.

But it is a good discussion of the "Us vs Them" mentality, and a great example of how it's impossible to change anybody's mind via a blog post. I don't know why we bother sometimes.
Thanks for the nod, and for all your great insights on my blog. I never knew how much work it was too feed people something worth eating. Kudos to professionals like you!

I am sorry about your mom, and it sounds like she would have loved the service.

Hello to Robin and Ethan.
Well said Ross- well said--- that trying to change someone's mind via a blog is not worth the bother--- BUT--- you concede that you are trying to change someone's mind----that's the whole point-- not that you don't have a right to try---but that you think locals' minds need to be changed to suit your snot-nosed - condescending attitudes----well most "locals" don't blog-- don't read blogs---but still get the vibes of condescending attitude held by the newbies of the we know betterdom-----and I might remind you of the instigators of this "us v. them" debate----you are the "us" and we are the "them"---if this place is so terrible (plumbing problems notwithstanding) why did you all come here????? opportunity??? good?? you like the area?? good-- you don;t like the people who are here---and been here all of their lives---not good------the presentation that we are anti-art and anti artist--- if indeed we are-- and I don;t think so-- in the generic sense---was cultivated by the newbies---we are not as cosmopolitan as you world travelers--not as sophisticated---how many of us have ever gone to Boston---- New York---- San Francisco---Provincetown or Northampton???? How many of us own any "art" beyond a velvet Elvis---or a unicorn???----so stop looking down your long noses at the people that you have chosen to live with---and stop telling us how stupid and neaderthalic we are--because we don't kiss your rosy ass---chbpod
Tom Bernard?? grew up in North Adams-- graduated from Williams- went to Boston and has now returned---I guess he wasn't a victim of the deporable North Adams School System--- couldn't have been---must have been a charter school- or sumthin--chbpod
Why don't you ask *him* his opinion of the school system rather than making pissed-off comments that are based purely on conjecture?
Well i'll try again--- seems like my post didn't post or "pissed off"
Greg blocked it--- if TB wants' to post his views of the NAPS he should certainly feel free to do so-------seems like Greg has his thong in a twist --- under his apron---- maybe he should stick to omelets-- because he doesn;t seem to know shit about education----it is not the SYSTEM---surely there may be individual teachers that turn a student off--- but what some of the anti-NAPS newbies don;t get -- is that maybe their kids aren't as bright as they think that they (newbies)are or their kids are-------parental pressure to follow in the parents footsteps--- and be as bright as the parent likes to think they are---can be devastating on the kid-- and then the parents blame the "system"---it certainly cannot be "my child" he/she's a freakin genuius-- just like me--here I am in North Adams--where ever this place is---and I am a genius- while all around me- except for my "I know better" friends" do not walk-- obliquely with their knuckles on the ground------my conjecture is that you Greg are an idiot---and if TB wants to make his observations know -- let him--I have no idea who he is----he obviously is hiding in your pup tent------or apron pocket---- BAM!!!! chbpod
As much as I would like to point out the numerous flaws in your argument, I will instead wish you well in your retirement.
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