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Monday, December 18, 2006
  The Political Junkies
Just like narcotics, the prospect of a special election for the First Berkshire District Representative has those who are addicted to the horse race aspect of politics going a little crazy.

Of course I have my thoughts on who could/should succeed The Representative formerly known as Prince who will soon be sitting a few doors down from Governor Patrick, but they are not the usual suspects.

But I'll let the ink dry on the press release and allow sufficient time for the community love-fest that Dan Bosley deserves before I place any bets.
Well Greg- I know you have an "eye" for politics-------but I would love to know- as would others- your "dark horses"---5 or 6 others - other than the "usual suspects"??? --it's ok to let the ink dry----I can't think of any NA person- other than Alcombright--but with your Williamstown connections-- you may know of some others--- of course Adams is a factor-- MacDonald?? Driscoll? Solomon??? (probably not) Wilk?? I don't think so---Clarksburg?-- Bobby Norcross once ran for the seat- but I think he ran as a Republican----now here's one for you that would make for an interesting General Election---- Jane Swift---is she one of your
hidden secrets???? Frankly she would have an excellent shot-- yeah she has some baggage----but sh'ed be a formidable candidate---can't wait for your prognostications---and give us the Jimmy the Greek type of odds---maybe we csn get the Bozman to allow parimutual betting on elections--- at the Casino at the Greylock Glen---LOL--- chbpod
Greg--guilty as charged, I suppose.

By way of explanation: I mean no disrespect to our rep, but what's the bigger story here? Dan Bosley takes his already impressive resume to a new desk down the hall, election? We're bloggers, dammit...we like elections the way jocks like football games.

And it's not like he died, God forbid. There's plenty of time and bandwidth to recognize Dan's contributions and yet still talk about the latest dose of political shamalamadingdong to come down the wire.

When exactly does he become an ex-rep? Has he already resigned?
Ross - I don't mean to accuse anybody of "dissing" Dan. I just think that the town/district should celebrate a little more before jumping onto the next bandwagon. We should rent a hall, or something.

(I imagine his resignation is effective after Jan 2, when the current session ends.)

And I like the horserace as much as anybody. I've just chosen to relax about it. The next Rep won't be picked tomorrow or next week.

The power-brokers are still lining up their ducks. JBIII has probably got it narrowed down to two already. Watch to see who Lee Harrison/Sherwood Guernsey get behind.

And then there will have to be a surprise. Somebody nobody expects. That's what will make this interesting.
If Lee Harrison and Sherwood Guernsey get behind someone-- undoubtedly from Williamstown-- and if it is not Margie-- that will sink her candidacy---you cannot have two strong cnadidates from one town in the district and expect to survive a Primary---oh I know it's possible- but the odds are not---and I don't think anyone is "dissing" Dan--- He more than most knows that when an open seat occurs= the focus is going to be on the potential candidates---and where exactly is Hnery Clay from???? chbpod
i can't imagine the guernsey/harrison scenario.

guernsey will sit it out. using berkshire brigades as his reason.

harrison was more or less with marge in the senate race. didnt jump up and down about it, but he was spotted at visibilities etc.

marge will win because NA doesn't vote and Adams will be carved up.
Guersey and Harrison are careful with their public pronouncements. They were were wonderfully even-handed during the Senate primary, but they both had their favorites. And I would bet that at least one candidate had one or both of their blessings.

I barely know the guys. So I have no real way of knowing what they are doing now in regards to this race.

They could influence the race greatly if they wanted to. The Berkshire Brigades have a solid GOTV machine.

And it wouldn't shock me if they have already made a private call or two.
I don't understand the North Adams doesn't vote statement---we've had 70% or better in highly contested Mayoral races---- maybe your looking at figures in the Senate primary---where Williamstown had a higher percentage turn out than North Adams (as I recall) but North Adams didn't have a candidate---If JBIII is doing anything I would suspect that he's trying to insure that only one candidate from North Adams runs---he wants to keep the seat in NA--he wants to see (D-North Adams) after the legislator's name-----since Alcombright and Cariddi run #1 and #2 for Council it means that a lot of people vote for both of them---how that would split if they both ran for a single seat---I can't really tell-----Alconbright may have some cred in Williamstown as his late father worked for years in Buildings and Grounds at the College---however Gail has been a Democratic Party activist for years---is there anyone on the current Williamstown Board of Selectmen that could take a shot? chbpod
According to today's "T" Alcombright and Caraddi will make their decision after the New Year---they apparently are talking--about which one should run---Barrett has essentially endorsed both ---or should that be either- which ever------both have family issues----Gail's elderly father and Dick has one child at home----family is very important--I hope they work something out----yes I am very provincial and territorial-- and I think the seat should remain in North Adams---but that's just me-------it's not that someone from outside of North Adams could not represent the district---maybe it's a "tude" since I have known Danny for over 30 years---well we shall see-----and let's see who else comes out of the political closet-----but since JBIII is Mayor for life----the new state rep has to be someone who can work with the corner office---chbpod
Oh this just in-- I am reminded by another politco that there may be no requirement that a city councilor resigns their seat---I know that Barrett held two elected positions-- McCann and County Commission---- Arlos-- City Council and County Commission (I think)---try to check that out---of course resignation makes logistical sense ----and probably political sense-- but I know of no requirement for resignation----OK Andy there goes your shot---lol---- chbpod

you're correct in assuming i was basing things on the senate primary.

i think i have posted here or elsewhere that the senate primary isn't a great test of barrett's strength. i know marge did well in NA despite barrett's hodgkins endorsement, but the mayor wasn't particularly active.

i'm always suspicious of any candidate claiming strength when voters get to vote for multiple people. maybe you can enlighten me about cariddi or alcombright's strength.

this is interesting in part because this particular district has never had an open seat before. by that i mean that when bosley one this, the district was drawn differently. didn't include wtown, did include cheshire and lanesboro if memory serves.

that is just to say that conventional wisdom in re this particular seat won't necessarily hold.
As far as the district is concerned- I think it included Cheshire when Dan first ran--- can;t be sure-- I know that I campaigned door to door in Cheshire but frankly can't remember if it was when I was running for State Rep or County Commissioner-----any way- "conventional wisdom" in politics??? an oxymoron---I don;t know which blog I posted on--- but Alcombright and Cariddi have run #1 and #2----- that means that a lot of people vote for both--of course Council is a 9 person body--- if they run head to head for one spot???? there will be alot of people that won;t quite know who to vote for---at that point it's a crap shoot----another factor is the campaigning----I think Marge may have taken a leave of absence from her position at Elder Servcies for her Senate campaign-----now can Dick get a leave of absence from his Hoosac Bank position-----maybe-- but probably unpaid (I'm sure the same deal for Margie)--- but Dick's spouse is not a lawyer -on the other hand I think that Gailanne has greater flexibilty with her job--- but Dick has never really had to campaign--and Gail either for that matter----tremendous name recognition and family---I can;t remember how hard Gail campaigned in her bid for the Deeds position----name in politics is like location- location -location in real estate---I know that I have worked my butt off in elections---and the name recognition didn;t work in some- after I had po'd some people off----I think it's a question of how much you want it--- and getting some lucky breaks---what sunk Hodgkins was the September surprise that he was not a CEO (as he had claimed) of a Fortune 500 company-- and that he had forgot that he had sold his mothers house in 2005 and not 2004 (I think that was the case) and the income was not reported--both Cariddi and Alcombright have local name recognition-----but you can't run on your name in a multi-town district- in less you're already an incumbent--you have to work for it--and that means a time commitment and money--- given that- I think a lot will have to do with when the primary is held--- the further away- the better for a Cariddi or an Alcombright---to get their name and agenda out there in order to negate Margie's name recognition within the district---left over from the State Senate race--as well as the supporters that she had in each community----personally if I were handcapping this--- at this time- and given the names of actual or potential candidates-- I'd make Margie the favorite------ chbpod
am reminded by another politco that there may be no requirement that a city councilor resigns their seat-

What's the legislature's policy on holding two elected offices?
i don't think there is any. i think it would only be a problem if they were both state offices.

for instance, peter arlos was once a city councilor, county commissioner, and tried running for register of deeds (lossed to mary o'brien). i know it doesn't include the state leg, but the logic is the same. seperate entities, no problem.

i must have posted this elsewhere, but billy bulger contemplated running for mayor of boston and keeping the senate presidency. politically difficult, but not statutorily prohibited. we're discussing the reverse, but i am pretty sure it is kosher.

(one of the candidates for s. berkshire register of deeds was a selectwoman and said she wouldn't give up that position if she won, i think thats similar)

i don't know the chapter and verse from MGL, but considering these examples, i think its ok.
I don't think that there is a prohibition-- Dick Alcombright holds positions on the McCAnn School Committee as well as Council-----as for Mayor-- I thought that there was language in the charter to the effect that he (she) should devote full-time to the office- BUT I can't seem to find such language on a quick perusal-- as far as the legislatures policy--- that I don;t know-- but I do know there is no "devote full-time" provision as many legislators have law practices etc. on the side---so there is probably no prohibition against them also being a Selectman- City Councilor or even Mayor---but I am just guessing on all of this----double positions might be easy to handle if you live in the Boston area---but incredibly difficult when you're 3 hours away---plus I think that there would be a bias-in the electorate---you are either one thing or the other- not both---but don;t take this as gospel---chbpod
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