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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
  Gerald Ford - R.I.P.
Where have all the Gerry Ford's gone? He was a man who served his country for all the right reasons. He made the tough decisions and lived quite comfortably with the consequences. His politics never came before the welfare of the nation. That legacy has served him well in history's eyes.

Go Blue, President Ford.
Greg---I can't agree with you more---the right man at the right time---I heard one pundit on CNN today saying that Agnew was Nixon's anti-impeachment protection with a Democratic held Congress-- and when Spiro resigned- Nixon opted for Ford because he knew there would be little opposition--- BUT when Ford became Veep---- Nixon became impeachable--how's that for unintended consequences????- chbpod
Transport yourself back to the 1976 electoral cycle.

The nation is sick of 8 years of Republican failures: lost military campaigns, turmoil in the Middle East, an uncertain energy future. Presidential abuse of power and civil rights violations. Vague threats from a vaporous enemy that could be anywhere within our midst. The American people polarized by leftie agitation and the rightie backlash.

Will the American people turn their back on a moderate entry from the Republican party, or will the Right dig in their heels and come up with the 2008 equivalent of Barry Goldwater...resulting in the same "throw the bums out" mentality that left us with the U-nited States of America, J.E. Carter, proprietor?


I just hope they don't bring disco back along with it.
Ross said:
"Will the American people turn their back on a moderate entry from the Republican party,. . . ."

I can remember most Republican national candidates back to Wilkie. I don't remember any moderates. Nor do I see any in the current set of candidates. I've got to ask, "Ross, just who would you propose as a moderate Republican candidate?"

Rather than seeking a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, it seems to me that most Republicans are seeking a government of the people, by the people, for the special interests.

Grampa--I guess my little analogy is a bit more obscurely worded than I meant it to be. I'm going to fire my proofreader this afternoon.

What I was trying to say is that if history is predictive, the Republican party will nominate a moderate Republican like Pataki or Giuliani--someone with a decent chance of winning over the center--over a Gingrich or McCain, and the electorate-at-large will go "phfffft" and vote for an unproven unabashed southern liberal. I'm thinking John Edwards.

Problem is, Edwards could do what Carter did for the American Left: ruin its credibility (by pushing lightweight symbolism over Clinton style policy wonkery) and set us up for another Republican dynasty starting in 2012.

It's all just blathering for now, though--two years is forever in politics. Check back then and maybe I'll be a bit more coherent.
The Guiliani/Pataki model is remenescent of the Nelson Rockyfella- model-- but he could not get the nomination---I doubt that a centrist Republican could get the nomination---the hard core right wing would not accept one--and they vote in primaries---however if no real right wing candidate emerges--the hard core might just stay at home and not vote--but Ross is correct-- two years??? a long time in politics---chbpod
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