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Thursday, November 02, 2006
  More Sad Days
For the second time in as many months, my family has suffered some very depressing events.

I am not into sharing the intimate details, but please understand if I take a few days to get back to you.
If you need a friend, Brother, we're here for you.

Greg-- if you are the Greg that has been posting on Andy's blog-- is it safe enough to assume that things are going a little better for you---I hope so---"depressing events" don't usually turn around and get better at a moments notice--it usually takes time-so hang in there--chbpod
Nope- things are still rough, but distracting myself with web surfing keeps me from spiralling down.
Then keep on surfing----it works for me---just hang in there--- that's really the only advice or support that I can give-----just don't give in or give up----chbpod
Good vent in the "T" today---you make a good point- but I just happen to disagree --you did note that the Council was not a proper Forum for the impeachment resolution----I agree with that---the implication that we insulted a 12 year old boy-- was out of line since it implied that the Council did that---we said nothing- as per rule- during Open Forum--letters to the Ed?? yes- but not on the Council floor---I don't see how you can infer that we(Council) made the kid cry--we were elected as far as I know to do the City's business---and it is up to the Supreme Court to determine if the President by executive authority or by law is doing something unconstitutional---not the City Council---I know there are a number of people that think the Council is a supposed to be a soap box---- I think differently---there are any number of other venues for them----if there had been a proposal for the Council to endorse the ballot questions (1-2-3)
for Tuesday's election -I certainly would not have objected to a debate on that---those three do have implications for the City-- ballot question 4 does not---otherwise-- your column treated me fairly--no bitch from me--hope things improve for you--- chbpod
I appreciate the level headed feedback, but in regards to Max, your "councilor" shingle does not disappear when you leave chambers. If my writing was confusing, I'll try harder to keep it clear.
I understand that----Al Marden in his letter doubted that Max wrote that himself--- actually he was reading off typed material-- which pobably means nothing as 12 year olds have computers---I doubted the same on my show---but the Council did not make him cry and neither did Marden or I in our letters to the editor 3 days later in response to Peter May's first letter (not his apologia) nor did I on my show the following evening after the Council meeting--- of course for all I know he could have been at home bawling his eyes out---but for his tears at Council???? I think he has only his parents to blame---they set him up and then didn;t back him up----nor did any of the other "petitioners" who never even submited their petition to the Council- nor a copy of the resolution-------it was an appalling scene------and they had their opportunities----they were not denied the opportunity to speak----and if Mike Bloom cowed them--- then they didn;t have the courage of their convictions-----how is the Council supposed to take them seriously-------you think the "slippery slope" is a joke??? The Patriot has an
on-line petition calling for the indictment of John Kerry for treason-----and no I didn;t sign it----but what should the Council do if the local VFW and American Legion wanted to get that on the agenda??? I say- don;t put it on----I also say--- it is not even appropriate for Open Forum----now you may think that the Councilors and the Council are a joke----frankly I'd rather be a joke than a participant in a circus----been there done that---and it's not pretty---you haven't been here long enough to know the "not so good old days"-----chbpod
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