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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  Please Don't Tell Me Racism is Dead
Considering the recent reports of meth-addled white supremacists plotting to kill future President Obama, it seems fitting to cut-&-paste a few posts from a couple of locals on the Berkshire Eagle's online Topix forum before the night-editor deletes them:

I am so sick and tired of all these under educated black guys coming here and ruining the Berkshires. Look we'll make a deal with you. Take the fat, white whores, back with you to NYC. Both you and them are burdens to us hard working folks. You black guys bring your poison and sell it to all the degenerates in Pittsfield and North Adams. They in turn, break into places, steal and rob just to get drugs. Then there are the fat, white whores. You impregnate them and I wind up paying for your baby. They sit around and start *****ng out more half-breed kids that society ends up paying for in the end. Why is it that blacks, generally black guys, have not motivation? An Asain or a White dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or a wealthy busniess person. Most, not all, but most blacks guys dream of being a dope dealer, a basketball player, or rapper? You want equality. Start acting like a human being and less like degenerates. We are sick of your bull**it. Keep your guns/crime, drugs, and fat pregnant white whores, in NYC. We don't want them or you. I am proud of the Berkshires. Gone are the days when you'd work a hard day at GE and get a good, honest, paycheck. Now, I pick up the paper with my coffee and read about one black guy after the next getting arrested for shootings, stabings, drug dealing. Or about some fat, white girl with six black kids, wondering where she will get $3.00 to buy a new outfit at the Goodwill. I'm just tired of it all.

I agree with you angry citizen but I bet those idiots will remove your post because you spoke your mind and its the truth every last word. It is so true this is one reason why this country is in such a mess. They excpect us to tolerate their BS, drug dealing, stabbing and killing people and it is all good. No its not all good, and then they cry racism. You are damn straight, they cause it and they wonder why decent people still hate them. The only ones that dont see it are the blacks, black lovers who have those half breed children, and the politians that dont want to admit because they would be out of office. I said it before and I will say it again that we need a president that will pass moralitiy laws and stop the interacial mixing, treated the trouble making blacks as the criminals they are and put the gays back in the closets. Keep up the true postings.

ou must be black or a black lover. Look at the papers, read the news, watch the tv. Then ask yourself what group causes the most problems? What group sells drugs the most? What is the largest group in the jails? Thats easy The Blacks. No wonder why President Linclon got shot someone must have been able to see the furture with the blacks.

First off, AFAR, I don't live in CA, that is where my IP address shows up at. One day it's CA, then NV, etc. I live in the Berkshires. Bronx, NY, stop with the "living in a white world bulls**t." A blackman/woman can basically get a free education-paid by the government, get bumped ahead of better qualified white candidates (affirmative action), so stop with this living in whitey's world. Why do you never see Asian's complaining about "whitey's" world? They don't. They stay in school and go after/get the jobs that want. They don't take the easy way out and blame others for THEIR failures. Look at Hispanics. You have people risking their lives to "jump the border" to find a job that most of us wouldn't even consider doing. AFAR you are an **** hole. You might get mad at my postings, and I truly don't give a damn, but the Berkshires were not like they are now 25 years ago. Why is that? It's because all the low-life blacks from NYC started moving here. I have not likes/dislikes for fat/skinny white girls. I'm just sick of these white whores $hiting out 6-9 kids by 6-9 different "brothers" and me having to pay for them. What about the article in the Eagle about the poor white girl with the black kid and she couldn't decide what fashion she was going to wear?**** is that? How about wondering what job she is going to apply for or what pre/school her kids will attend? I'm just sick and tired of all these black degenerates coming from NYC and ruining the Berkshires.
I don't know who should be more ashamed, the mentally challenged writers of these posts, or the Eagle* which profits off the traffic that such conversations generate.

*Yes. I realize that most of the really offensive posts will end up being deleted once an editor starts paying attention, but the open forum nature of Topix invites such asininity. As a consumer of news, I find the trade-off between civil discourse and raging anonymous stupidity to make me less likely to read, let alone participate in, such forums.
No kidding. Topix posters are the Internet equivalent of AM radio talk show callers. Xenophobic, racist, and generally unable to grasp any reality that takes more than 50 words to describe accurately.

Still, this is America, and idiocy is protected in full by the First Amendment, white with foam. It's best to be entertained by it and just ignore the fact that these folks vote.
Yeah, but....

While the right to have such views is constitutionally protected, the right to express them on a privately owned and run forum is not. And it leave a sour taste that "controversy" is profitable in such venues.

We are certainly in agreement that usually these folk should just be laughed at. Sometimes, though, the juxtaposition of current events makes that difficult. At times like this, I wish that there was a way to make these chuckleheads stand up and take direct responsibility for their views.

It has always bothered me that the internet allows cowards to say things anonymously that they would never say to someone's face.
What I can't figure out is how these yahoos are on the internet. Do they all have computers at home and high speed internet access? Are they posting from the library? Are they posting from work?

The xenophobia continues to amaze me - this idea that the northern berkshires is really only for the people who grew up here and never moved away. Damn the yuppies who come in with the arts economy and their fucking lattes, and damn those New Yorkers with their drugs. So what does that leave? We've got the lowest rate of high school and college graduates in the state, and it is even worse for women. We've got the highest rate of teen pregnancy, teen smoking and teen pregnant smokers in the state. How are you going to blame that on the outsiders?
As a Southern boy who was lucky enough not to spend his entire life down there . . . I grew up with this sort of crap being spewed by some relatives. "He's black, but he's one of the good ones." That sort of thing. When I went to high school, it became more subtle - most the teachers and students were far too liberal to think such ways, but every once in a while you'd have the elderly teacher ask a black student why black people like grapes so much. Not so much hateful as . . . stupidly racist.

Then I got to move up north, to New York City. I thought that I had finally left that sort of crap behind. Oh, no, naive though I was, it was worse in New York City than it ever was in the south - out in the open and consistently hateful. Boston wasn't much better.

Even out here, the nicest people still refer to "coloreds." Last night, my brother-in-law in NY state calmly informed my wife that if Barack Obama is elected, "the foundations of our country will be destroyed."

Meanwhile, I have a gaggle of white drug dealers living across from me. In fact, all the scummiest citizens of North Adams that I have had to deal with have been white.

Ever hear the Randy Newman song "Rednecks?" 30 years old and it still speaks the most direct and horrible truth about racism and the North.

It's very disheartening.
The comment boards of papers and news networks all over the country are filled with this kind of mentally deficient spew. Obviously these folks don't have an actual job; or perhaps this IS their job.

I wonder if they would be paid by the post, or by the word? And by whom?

Nice note to Josh Marshall, by the way :)

Cap'n John
I wondered if anybody would connect me to that post at TPM. You win a beer on a beach in Mexico for being the first.
Racism and other forms of bigotry and hatred seem to be pretty impossible to eradicate. The best we can do is to make those with such unfortunate attitudes feel uncomfortable expressing such views in civilized settings. Unfortunately the anonyminity of the internet and talk radio give these haters an opportunity to spew without having to take responsibility for their words.

Meanwhile those of us who see things more rationally can take some pleasure in the nomination of Barack Obama for President. Whether voting for him or not, it demonstrates that progress is indeed being made on the equality front. His nomination gave me a big psychic boost.
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